Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Need more time

Today I got up early to email an old friend. I do not know why it takes so long once I get on the computer, but time flashes by without me noticing. No knitting done last night as I was taken out for the evening. But I will try and get some done today - I really need to work on the white pram blanket before my customer gets back from holiday. I see from rereading some of this I had set myself some goals for last year. To knit on dpn. Still not done:( To get website for shop up and running - also still not done. Something that is not entirely my fault as the friend that was doing it has disappeared...again. I have tried finding someone else, but the professionals are so expensive that I really cannot justify the cost. It would be great if I could actually make something on the old Toyota that I am working on. So that will be my aim today - if I succeed, I will post pictures. If not, I may have to wait for the new Silver machine that is being delivered at the end of the week. I can't wait - will I remember how to use it? Will I even be able to set it up? Only time will tell.

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