Sunday, 30 March 2008

I have an 11 year old girl staying with me. She loves me, I THINK. She loves my computer, I KNOW:) So she is still in bed, I get some time on here. I actually got her off the computer last night to teach her to cross stitch. We did try last year, not very successfully. This time she picked it up quickly, and is loving it - I may get more time on my computer in future:) I have at long last finished the pram blanket and my customer collected it yesterday, she loves it as much as the peach one and is now waiting anxiously for the birth of her granddaughter due in 2 week.
Last week I made a plain light blue cardigan on the knitting machine. I have decided to cross stitch a small design on it to make it a bit more special. Not sure which one yet, so have had fun going through my Jo Verso books. Trouble is you spend so much time reading books and deciding which project to do next, that it cuts down on the time for actually making them.
I have now finished 2 of the prem baby cardis. One was collected yesterday. I cannot believe it will fit the baby, but Mum is adament it will. She is very tiny with a beautiful wrinkled up face, and perfect in every way. I do love my job when I get to see all the new born babies, and this week I have had the priviledge of cuddling 2 of them.
My new lace carriage is sitting there waiting for me to test it out, quite when that will be is a mystery. Today the sun is shining and I know my little visitor will want to go out for a bit. But she goes back home this afternoon, so maybe I will have some time later.


Dumuro said...
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hugman95 said...

What a beautiful blanket. I, too, love to sit down and map out ideas. Getting them going and finished is quite another matter. Your preemie cardis are nice also. I don't know that I'd be able to make something that small.


PaulaC said...

Thanks Aaron I really enjoyed making them. Its over a year since I had time to make anything for myself, but if it keeps the customers coming through the door, I will keep making them.