Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Decision made

Well I have made a decision. At Christmas I am giving up the shop. Its not just the lack of customers, but the fact that I am very very tired. My life seems to revolve round work and not a lot else at the moment.

2 years ago I had a new kitchen extention which is still waiting to be painted. I long to read a book, and even heaven forbid, knit something for myself instead of customers:)

So now I am thinking, what do I do with all the stock I have here, and will be left with? Yesterday I started listed some items on ebay. This proved to be quite a long process, what with weighing everything to make sure I get the postage correct, and also making sure the descriptions are right. In the end I only managed to get 14 items listed. Though I have some more photos ready to do more listings. Now I just need to make enough back to cover the listing fees. If anyone cares to have a look, I am paulac3094 on ebay.co.uk - there will be more on there as I gradually work my way through the boxes.

It's now time to get ready for the shop. So far it does not seem like a bad day. Cloudy and warm. If there is no rain, I might even get some customers in. A couple have asked me if I can get some wool in for them before I leave. If I can get a big enough order together, I will, as I do know how much they will miss the shop. I do not know where the nearest place is to here where you can get Stylecraft, and most of my customers do not have access to the internet. I will miss them too. It would just have been better if there had been a few more of them and I might have been able to keep the shop going.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

I'm so sorry for you Paula, this is a difficult decision to make and you have put so much hard work into the shop. Do you feel at peace with yourself with the decision or are you frustrated and upset?
Take care, best wishes

PaulaC said...

Well its a relief not to be banging my head against a brick wall for much longer, though its upsetting to feel I have failed:( thank you for the good wishes Suse