Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I am still here

When my sister phones to ask if I am dead, I realise it is more than time to update my blog - the only way she has of keeping tabs on me. Well its cheaper than phoning:) Now all I have to do is remember what has been happening the last few weeks.

Last week was Withernsea town carnival. An event that has for the last few years, been disappointing to say the least. 3 years ago a new committee was formed, I know cos I was there. Unfortunatly after a year other things took over. The shop being my primary concern. But I have always supported the team and am willing to do anything to help out, donating items for raffles etc. This year my involvement went even further. Jim had this crazy idea that we all dressed up and went on a float in the parade. It meant closing the shop for a couple of hours, but as most people would be watching the parade it didn't matter too much. It was great fun and advertised our shop as well. It looks like Jim has got the bug and is already planning next years float. Though the best result has been that other businesses want to get involved.

Speaking of getting involved. Jim has also set up a chamber of trade for the town. I am the secretary and we were both interviewed for the local paper. They gave us a good write up, and hopefully it will encourage more to join us at our next meeting tomorrow night.

Our main aim is to raise Withernsea's profile and attract more visitors. The main suggestions so far are trees on the approach roads and along the prom. Twinning our town with an American town of similar size is also favoured. With several other projects in mind, we are hoping to regain some of Withernsea's former glory and attract people to the north east coast.

Not that they would want to be here today. The rain is pouring down and the only people to brave the elements have been a family who are on one of the camp sites and their tent is leaking. So they have escaped into town to try and stay dry in the shops.


bunches of yarn said...

What a treat to be on a float in a parade. It sounds like your town is very active.
Hoping that your shop is doing well and business is 'picking up'
Glad to see you again. ^__^

Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

I would love to ride on a float, it would be so much fun! Can you put some piccies up?