Thursday, 22 October 2009

Birthday pics.

Taken on a mobile phone, so not as good as normal pics.
Many thanks to Cilla for this lovely cake. XXX


bunches of yarn said...

Happy B'day Paula! Glad to see you again, I was wondering if you had given up the blog...so good to hear you had been on holiday. How are you doing with your yarns and things? Too busy for knitting?
I appreciate on-line bill paying, although our 'blowing gales' are in the spring, now, however, we'll be getting plenty of snow--I don't fancy driving in it until they have ploughed the streets. I have not been posting much lately, either, but hope to post more regularly now that it's cold, rainy and windy.
Good to see you again. ^__^

PaulaC said...

Thanks for that:) The only knitting I am doing at the moment is christmas presents for the residents, mittens scalves and things. Wi8ll have to take some pictures soon. Please please keep your snow, January will be early enough for it to come here x