Monday, 28 December 2009

Threshing Day

Every year Bernard Blashill, aka The Welwick Relic, raises thousands of pounds for charity. His farm hosts an annual Heritage Weekend, the Easington Bike Ride and numerous auctions to name but a few. Yesterday it was the Christmas threshing day. Bernard and a group of friends keep alive these old farming traditions and raise money for good causes. The money is then handed over to the charities at special events in the local village hall. Even then we have an auction and raffle to raise even more money.
This is a 1953 tractor, nearly as old as I am and in perfect working order.
Wheel hooping - first build a fire and heat up a metal "tyre".
Put the heated tyre onto a wooden wheel.
Douse it in cold water before it burns the wheel.
Leave to cool down.
The fields were muddy But the atmosphere was warm. I was handing out cups of soup and mince pies.

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