Friday, 5 February 2010


Another project finished this year. I had knitted a black sweater last winter, the collar had a 95% wool content, though the rest of the jumper was acylic. Having been accidently put into the washing machine, the collar felted. As I loved the jumper I still wanted to wear it. So have cut off the old one and reknitted the collar in a lovely fluffy yarn that contains no wool. Its now wearable again.

I have had a sat nav for some time as I can get lost in a room with more than 1 door. But although I have set it up for places I know, I have never used it to find my way somewhere different. Today I am taking a friend to a hospital about an hours drive away. I have only a very vague idea of where it is. So today I am relying on my sat nav 100%. As I know it might take me on a totally different route to usual, this is a leap of faith. But at least I have home keyed into it, so no matter what we will get back again. Even if the route is slightly eccentric.

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