Sunday, 29 August 2010

Summertime Special


Its Summertime Special in Withernsea and the Motorcycle Rally. Summertime Special and free family concert for all ages in Valley Gardens with such artistes as Bad Dog, Glitter Band and The Searchers. So what does the weather do? Yep it rains. So rainmacs and brollies at the ready I am off to join in the fun:)


john said...

Even though it rained Paula It was still a great day out. Lots to see and the music was fantastic. Shame I only got to see you for a couple of minutes(but the hug was nice).
Rather a bit windy on the bike going home. That didn't matter though as I had a fantastic day out.

PaulaC said...

True John, but would have been even better if it had not been so windy. It felt like winter.