Tuesday, 26 October 2010

books and more

I am on a mission to read as many local authors as I can. Of course Valerie Wood is top of the list as discovered her shortly after my arrival up here. Each new book is eagerly awaited and treated as an old friend when it arrives. Yesterday I finished Penny Grubbs "Like False Money", a cracking read with local interest and several mysteries to solve along the way. I now have "The Doll Makers" sitting on my shelves waiting to be read. But have picked up Karen Wolfes "Seers", another local author who I met at the signing of Pennys book in Beveley. As I do most of my reading in bed, it can take me a while to get through them, I have a pile of unread books awaiting my attention and had thought that retirement would allow me to catch up. However I had not anticipated my life getting so busy.

A few weeks ago I started on a hand knit aran top. Only a 12 row pattern, the sort of thing I can usually do with my eyes closed. It may be time for me to open my eyes and concentrate. So far I have had to frog it 3 times and start again. Sunday being a miserable cold and wet day, I started again with no distractions - so far, touch wood, it is going well.

For over a year I have had a hankering for a Wii. Though the price seemed to make it more of a luxury than a necessity. I was unsure if I would even use it. Yesterday a friends grandson demonstrated and let me play Wii sports. Tennis (easier than running round a cold court), golf ( that one will take some practise) and boxing (wow what a way to get a good workout and rid of the frustrations of the day). I have decided, I really want this amazing little box. The gym is fine, but getting cold and wet on the way there is not much fun. So on Thursday I am going to treat myself to an early Christmas present. I will do it now before Gareth goes home again, then if I need help setting it up, he is around to sort it out:)

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