Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hull Truck

Hull Truck Not being a night owl, I am usually in bed by 9 most nights tucked up with a good book. This week however I was taken out for a birthday meal on Monday, worked on Thursday, and last night went to Hull Truck Theatre to see Wuthering Heights. Gaynor Faye played Cathy and at first I thought she might be too old for the part, but she was amazing. How on earth were they to portray one of the greatest love stories with just 5 actors on a small stage? I needn't have worried, the passion was there for all to see a and feel. Valerie Wood was also among the audience and came over for a chat. So even though it was another late night, I didn't mind missing more sleep:) There is a full weekend of events with the Welwick Heritage Weekend under way. Hopefully I will get back to my knitting next week.

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