Friday, 6 May 2011

Catching up

Time for a catch up, if only for my sisters sake - Lyn you really should sign up on facebook, I tend to put more on there.:)

I have been doing a lot of interviews, now showing on youtube under cside1053. Had a great time at Fort Paull on Monday at the WW11 enactment and met some lovely people. Also spent time in a canoe on the lake at Kelsey Gardens on Sunday. It was lovely weather, if a bit windy.

Though mostly I have been ebaying like mad. When I closed my shop a couple of years ago I was left with a lot of stock. A friend took a load of it when she opened a new shop as she did not have enough stock to fill it. Now her range has extended and she brought back 11 boxes of my stuff. On top of what I already had here, that is a lot.

So decided to try ebay again. Have tried it once before but without too much success. This time I have managed to sell a lot more, even though the prices are around the 99p mark, with the paypal and ebay fees there is not a lot left. But at least I am slowly making a dent in the amount of stuff here. Lots of bargain yarn and crafts at paulac3094 if anyone is interested.

Have also had the adopted grandson staying over for a couple of nights during the holiday. Great fun as I have been taking him to the playground and beach. Even though he did go paddling in his school shoes and I had to go and buy him a new pair:) also got him a pair of plastic sand shoes for when he is here. Should really have done that before:) Also have discovered I have a channel call Cbeebies on my TV - how on earth have I missed that one LOL.

So what has been happening to my knitting? To be honest, not a lot. I am still working on an aran cardi I started before Christmas. Have also acquired an old pattern of knitted patchwork squares that I have been making to use up some of my stash. Its great for all those free balls you get on magazines that you don't want to use on the suggested projects. Though I only have about 8 of the pieces knitted. The poor knitting machine is sitting lonely and abandoned and giving me pitiful glances as I walk past. I feel so guilty I almost dismantled it and put it away under the bed! Oh dear that would be the beginning of the end, as it probably would not see the light of day again. So I leave it there in the hopes that one day I may again have a chance to use it.

Oh yes, I have also started taking guitar lessons. I had this crazy idea that I would like to play at least one instrument, and Bob Parks offered. I wonder if he knew what he was taking on. It is much more difficult than I thought. Trying to get my fingers around the neck of the guitar and pressing on the right strings. It would not be too bad if you only pressed one at a time. I am deadening the tone of the strings next to the ones I am using if I have to press 2 or 3 for a cord. Not to mention the grooves I now have in the tips of my fingers from pressing too hard. Still practise as they say, makes perfect. I may never be perfect, but I will settle for being able to knock out a few songs on folk club nights.

Who on earth said retirement was a quite peaceful time when you could put your feet up and relax? But I am not complaining. Life is good and full and I am enjoying every minute of it.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you Paula, glad your enjoying life. I enjoy reading what you are getting upto, I wish I had your energy. Thanks for your comment on facebook, I hope to be back on my feet soon. Take care and dont get your feet wet. :-) xxx