Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Back to finishing off projects

So that was Easter, wet and windy as usual. After an exceptional March, April has decided to show us what the weather should really be doing.

After the success of the strippy socks I dug out the first ones I tried to knit, goodness knows how long ago. With renewed confidence I finished the first one and started the second. It was then I discovered that I had made a mistake in the first sock. So I pulled it back and now have 2 half finished socks on the needles. The yarn is a self patterning one and looks rather good, so I know that I will finish these now. Who knows next I may even attempt a circular pair on the knitting machine. Though at the moment I have a table in front of the machine, with a half sewn up bedspread  - I don't think I had any idea how long this would take when I started it.

At least with the weather being so unpredictable, I have more time for these projects. So off the computer and onto more finishing off.

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