Sunday, 28 July 2013

a bit of crochet

Oh no even my nails are getting in on the act now :) Love these little pirate ships that I got off ebay for £1.50. They were a little fiddly to do, but think I will get better as I do more. Got myself 3 different designs including some music notes, which I will surprise my music teacher with after the pirate festival is over.

Although I have knitting since I was very young, and also used knitting machines for years. I still wanted to learn to crochet. But give me a  knitting pattern and I am away. Give me crochet pattern and I am lost. So I decided that a look through the great tutorials on youtube would help me out. Of course me being me I did not do exactly as they showed, and these are my own interpretation of a couple I watched. Not that they are perfect, I need a lot more practice. However I am happy with what I have produced so far. :)

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