Saturday, 17 August 2013

knitters are friendly helpful people

For some time I had been regretting not buying a knit radar when I got my machine, I had been given quite a few cones of yarn without labels, so was guessing the ply. Also all of the books I have are rather old and the yarn is no longer available. So I have been searching ebay for one. There have been one or two that went for too much, and then I found one listed for £18 plus postage on a buy it now. Of course I ordered it straight away :)

So excited when it arrived and could  not wait to try it out. So did a tension square using my favourite card 3 for tuck stitch. It looked fine, so then had to measure it. That was when my plans fell apart. I could not find my green ruler anywhere. So back on computer to order another and resigned myself to having to wait for it to arrive before I could play with my new toy. But mentioned it on a machine knittinng facebook group and one of the members asked me for the stitches and rows measured on a cm tape measure. Gave her to measurements and she kindly gave me the stitch rule I needed. Got to work straight away and by that afternoon was able to post the picture of finished item. 

Knitters are such friendly and helpful people :)

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