Thursday, 21 June 2007

Coming full circle

Many years ago I became enthralled with the knitting machine. Over the course of about 15 years I owned many of these wonderful machines and knitted hundreds of garments. A passion that only dimmed when I adopted my first computer. Oh happy days. Eventually the 4 machines and mountains of yarn were donated to a knitting club to make way for all the new and exciting bits and pieces that turned my knitting room into a computer room. Yesterday 4 more knitting machines and boxes of cones of yarn appeared in my dining room. Not to mention piles of books and magazines I recognised from days gone by.The poor things have been sadly neglected and languished in someones garage for goodness knows how long. They were destined for the dump until I took pity on them and allowed them to take over a whole room while I decided what to do with them. They need a lot of TLC and a good clean up, but I am hoping that when it is done I can relocate them in loving homes, so that they can once again prove useful and productive.

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