Thursday, 28 February 2008

Did the earth shake for you?

Why is it that when anything interesting happens, I sleep through it? I have always said I could sleep through an earthquake, now I have proved it.:)
At long last I have done the band on the multi cardi. After several false starts, stitches dropped, yarn broken. I went back to the old way of hand knitting it. What I had forgotten after so many years, was that knitting machines often have a life of their own - but back in those days I did not work, so there was always plenty of time to work through and put things right. Having decided to knit a band and sew it on, I proceeded to cast on 8 sts and rib. First 30 rows were fine, then the end needle stitch stopped knitting off. It was carefully weighted and took my time with each row, but still ended up with a mess. By now I had to get to work, but really wanted this finished. So hunting out a circular needle, I took the cardi with me. Carefully picked up all the stitches and knitted it straight onto the garment. Success. Now it is in the shop and gathering lots of positive comments. Though I really don't want to sell it, I can see that I will have to if this new machine is to pay for itself.


Susan said...

The cardigan looks lovely. It's so annoying when the machine won't do what it's supposed to be doing - it happens to me all the time.
I too slept through the earthquake, I didn't know it had happened until I read about it the next day.

PaulaC said...

I think I worked out what I was doing wrong, although I had weighted the band well I now realise that I should have done it a bit more evenly. But I enjoyed finishing it off by hand, so all's well that ends well:)