Sunday, 24 February 2008

No answers

Here is the gleaming lady set up with a practice piece in place. How wonderful it feels to have it glide along the needlebed. How smooth, how it takes me back.
That is all very well, but I want to make something. Anything. So I root through my yarn stash and discover a beautiful random type. After several false starts, a babies cardigan takes shape. Opps, the random colours have made every part of the garment a different colour. But I sew it to together anyway. Now I don't think it looks too bad:) I still have the band to do, and want to work on that later.
Have been distracted from my knitting by a phone call from a friend. Her nephew has just died. Why she asked? He was only 24 years old. My brother was 19 when he died, I had no answers then, and I have no answers now.

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Monique said...

I love your beautiful SK280. I had a couple of those and sold them. But I'm back in the game with a 360K/SRP-50. Same machine but with a knit contour built in. Love love love these machines!