Monday, 18 February 2008

Rediscovering an old friend

I cannot believe after all these years I have once again allowed myself to be seduced by a heap of metal and trailing yarns. It must be a good 10 years ago since I last purchased a knitting machine. Well as it was more of an obsession, I have to admit that at one time I had 5 machines cluttering up the house. I have rescued 3 from being dumped, but they do not work well enough to satisfy my reawakened interest. So this morning I have ordered a brand new machine complete with lace carrage and ribber. Now I have to wait impatiently until Friday of Saturday when they will be delivered. My knitting needles are not being deserted however, and I am currantly working on a second pram blanket, an aran jumper and hats for the shop.

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