Friday, 22 February 2008

Today is the day

Friday has arrived, and hopefully when I return from work this afternoon the brand new Silver knitting machine will be waiting for me. As well as being excited, I am a little anxious. Is it really a good idea to go back? I had 15 years with these beautiful beasts taking over my life. And take over they did. Long days spent knitting, evenings sewing up. No job then so these were a full time occupation. What in my busy life will be pushed aside while I rekindle a love affair? Will I be as passionate about these ones as their predicessors? In the past all my machines have paid for themselves in a few months, will this one be able to do the same? Only time will tell. Yesterday I had the busiest day in the shop ever. The days takings surpassing the whole of last week. Who said knitting was a dying art? On a cold and miserable day, what is nicer than sitting at home picking up your knitting needles and creating a mini masterpiece? Another part of my job that I love so much is being able to help people through problems. If anyone seems unsure of a pattern, I will always tell them they are welcome in anytime to have a demonstration. A lady yesterday was having problems with holes after a row of M1. Something I have done myself in the past, and very easy to recify by knitting into the back of the stitch. She was delighted and I felt there was another person on the road to lifetimes love of knitting. Very worthwhile.

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