Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Budget day

Well I joined a new group last night http://letsknit.co.uk/knitting.php This is a hand knitting magazine I purchased on impulse and enjoyed. But I must stop joining so many online forums as I will have no time to knit:) My first issue of Machine Knitting Monthly has also arrived, and has me drooling over the patterns and accessories. I can see my debit card is going to take quite a hammering. I last had this magazine about 10 years ago and its great to see how it has moved on. So up to date and lively. Speaking of magazines, my favourite hand knit magazine is Simply Knitting, and I have every issue since no. 2. Or rather I did. I have discovered 2 issues missing, and I am pretty sure I lent them to someone, though not sure who. This is so annoying as when I borrow something I make sure it is returned quickly. Maybe I should not be so trusting and expect others to do the same. But I think I will keep on lending my books out as most people are good about this. Budget day today, so I wonder what the chancellor has in store for us knitters. Wouldn't it be nice if he decided to allow us all a yarn allowance, say 500 grams of our choice yarn once a month to do with as we please. Non knitters could pass on their allowance to a knitter of their choice. Yeah, so sometimes I live in cloud cuckoo land, but I can dream:) What ever happens I am sure we will all feel the pinch over the next few months:(

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