Thursday, 13 March 2008

Unravelled but unruffled

Well as I suspected, the cardigan I was knitting for myself, I will not have enough yarn. Discovered this after finishing the first front, weighing it, then weighing the rest of the yarn. OK, not a problem, I also had some of the same yarn in a different colour. The original is a green mix and the other a brown mix. I do not like stripes, but did a small piece with 2 rows of each colour. Whoopee, no stripes, the 2 colours blended in wonderfully. I have unravelled the front and will restart using both lots of yarn. - Not sure when I will restart it, but hopefully some time this year:) Started on the edging for the pram blanket last night. The customer it is for, came in yesterday and said, no worries as the baby is not due for another fortnight. If I work really hard I can get it finished by the weekend, but think its more likely to be early next week. I am anxious to do something else on the knitting machine this weekend. We have run out of little boy items at the shop, so have sorted out a baby blue yarn ready.


Susan said...

I hope your cardigan works out OK.
I'm getting quite good at making things work out with not enough yarn - stripes, different coloured sleeves, colour blocks. My excuse is that I'm always buying up vintage yarns off ebay and there's never quite enough for a full sweater.

PaulaC said...

But its so creative changing yarns around, isn't it? Not that my creativity always works out, but everything is a learning curve:)