Monday, 24 March 2008

Good Friday & Easter Sunday

For the last 4 years since I came north, I have enjoyed doing some amazing charity work. One of these occasions is the Welwick to Kilnsey bike ride on Good Friday. Usually the weather has been kind to us, though this year as Easter has been so early, it was hard going. Not that I ride in it, too old and unfit:( but hundreds do and raise lots of money for local causes. My contribution has been following in the truck to pick up stragglers and bring back any bikes when the riders cannot face cycling back.
The wind was strong, but behind them on the way there. Though on the way back it was blowing straight at them. This year we brought back more bikes than ever before, which was not surprising. A lot of the riders are in fancy dress, and there are also quite a few very young children who also join in the fun. In fact we followed one 5 year old who battled bravely through the high winds and did the full 7 miles without stopping.
Easter Sunday and there was to be a sunrise service on the prom, and I had intended to go along. That was until I looked out of my window. I am not sure if the service went ahead, or even if there was a sunrise. One look at all that white stuff had me heading back under the duvet. But my rabbits seemed to have enjoyed it:) Not to mention my 2 year old "adopted" grandson. He took one look out the window and said, "Ooooo, garden gone", but then went out with his dad to enjoy an hour playing in the snow:)

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