Thursday, 20 March 2008

Withdrawel symptoms

I have been suffering withdrawel symptoms and felt I needed to get on my knitting machine. Even though I knew I would be going out to my drama group, I threaded up and sat down. After all it does not take long to make a baby cardigan, even if I do want to put cables on it. The rib went well and I transferred the stitches to the main bed. Did the first row, it looked fine. Did 2 more and discovered one of the stitches was not knitting off. Tried hand knitting it back in, but still no success. Checked the latch - yes it was broken. I have never changed a needle while I had work on the machine, but thought if I was careful I could do it. This took a little longer than I anticipated, so the little cardi. did not get finished as I hoped. But at least I have made a start on it:) Our drama group is new. We are working on doing short humourous sketches in July. One of the pieces involves a lady on stage knitting a pair of blue socks. I have volunteered to knit part of a one. Well I have been promising myself I will knit a pair, this might be the kick start I need.

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