Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy Mothers Day in UK

I had forgotten how much sewing up a knitting machine creates - but I really think the finished effect is worth it.The fingerless gloves/mittents turned out better than expected, even though I changed the pattern slightly and knitted the mitt part after and sewed it in place as it was a bit fiddly rehanging it on the machine. I kept getting caught in the sinker arms. Wearing jumpers with knitting machines is not the best idea in the world, and I remember I used to wear old shirts when I knitted. So off to the charity shop to find some for my next spell of knitting.

The hat looked much better than this photo shows, and because it knitted larger than anticipated, I have added it to my already extensive collection of hats. I even wore it yesterday as the weather was so windy.:)

I now feel guilty that I have not yet finished the pram blanket, as its an order. So I will try and concentrate on that for a few days. Though my beautiful knitting machine is looking at me reproachfully:)

Many thanks to Sue for the link in her blog. http://susyranner.blogspot.com/ As I am still a bit of a novice at this blogging, having managed to lose the site shortly after I created it. I hope in time it will get better and more interesting, but don't hold your breath :)


Susan said...

Even worse than getting your jumper caught in the machine is trying to knit your fingers into the work by getting yhem stuck in the needle hooks. Ask me how I know - ouch!

Susan said...

Of course I meant 'them', not 'yhem'