Monday, 3 March 2008

This is amazing

Yesterday discovered you tube. Typed in knitting and had fun time looking through the videos - how clever everyone is to do these. I think I need a new digital camcorder as mine is old anologue, before I can do anything this clever. But this one really caught my eye - http://youtube.com/watch?v=MV19wqtfyF0 I knitting machine made of lego. Wow! 2 more squares on pram blanket done last night. I am really going to have to work faster, as the first one was finished in half the time this one is taking. But I did not have my beautiful knitting machine then. I have found knitting machines, computers and anything else that is fun, have a way of taking up more of your time than you would like. It is about time someone created the 8 day week, think how much more you could get done. Since childhood, I kept a diary. For years I filled those pages with words and words, and they were invaluable when I needed to check dates for things. But the last few years, although I have bought a diary, I have written nothing:( Yesterday I discovered this years diary hidden away in a drawer. Not a word had been written. So decided to start entries at March 1st, as I can only remember the previous day. I am no Samual Pepys and my diaries will never be read by millions, but they are a great reference, and maybe this year I will fill all those pages again - even if my New Years Day did turn out to be March 1st.

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