Monday, 17 March 2008

What can we do with all these boxes?

OK the TV is plugged in and working, sort of. For some reason the channels got themselves mixed up during the auto scan. 1 and 2 are OK, but 4 comes up on 3 and 3 does not appear at all. Have tried getting them in right order, but they stubbonly refuse to move. Oh well, maybe they will load properly through the digi box, but the only trouble there is that the arial is not strong enough for a signal. It worked fine on the old set, but this needs a stronger signal. A friend is going to fix that for me. So this time I did not quite get to set it up myself. Another thing I did not get time for was any machine knitting. I am running out of baby items in the shop and have been hand knitting a couple of chunky jackets. The first from a kit I bought from Poundstretchers (I know I complained about big stores selling knitting yarn, but at least this was one kit a customer did not buy). Then I did it again in some of my own yarn to see how it worked. It took a bit of fiddling around to find the right tension, and ended up mixing a ball of DK with one of my fancy yarns. These kits are Australian, but the count and ply are not on them, so to recreate the patterns is not easy. Another problem is that although the pattern is graded as easy, the yarn is not easy to work with. I would worry that a new and inexperienced knitter would have problems and this would put them off knitting for life. As I have now knitted it myself I will be able to help anyone having problems with the kit. So worth buying it for that reason alone. What with the new TV, digital receiver and knitting machine, I am now overrun with large boxes. Not to mention all the ones from the computer etc. Most are sturdy and in such good condition, I am loathe to throw them away. But there are now too many cluttering up the place, so I will have to load up the car and take them to the tip. I like to reuse things if possible, but have now run out of uses for them. Some are holding yarn stashes and various other craft items, some are storing household goods that I cannot yet find a use for, but do not want to throw away. I even have loads of videos stored in a couple of them. It seems such a shame that the companies who dispatch their items in them, cannot take them back and reuse them. But that may not be cost effective. So I will take them to the recycling bins at the tip and hopefully they will end up as packaging for for new electrical items and knitting machines:)

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Susan said...

I knew you could do it!