Monday, 21 April 2008

2 + 4 = a big surprise

Plus This
= This
OK, so I am more than familier with the facts of life. After all I have had children of my own. When about a year ago I aquired two cute rabbits, I thought I had 2 females. I can only say in my own defence that they were very young when I sexed them. To be honest I have been thinking for a while that Treacle might have been a male, but after so long with nothing happening, I thought everything was OK.
At first I thought there were just 2 of them, but have since discovered 4, I do hope no more are lurking around somewhere. They are at least 2 weeks old, eyes open and exploring. How on earth did I manage to miss seeing them? Well its been raining rather a lot and the hutch has been covered with a large sheet of black plastic. My rabbits don't actually live in there, they have the run of the back yard and prefer sleeping under the shed. Today the sun is shining and I took off the plastic to have a clean out, when I saw 2 pairs of eyes looking at me. OMG.

Anyway Treacle has now been booked into the vets for a little op. on Thursday. I may be too late, but until then he has gone on holiday over the road to a friends. If only to give Fudge a bit of peace as he won't leave her alone.

Cute as they are, I think a pair are more than enough. So next job is to find loving homes for the babies. But this time I don't think I will be the one sexing them:)


Anonymous said...

They are adorable,my son loves animals and he loves them as well.

PaulaC said...

OK Cheryl, as soon as they are big enough I will ship them to your son:)

sarah said...

They are adorable! I would have loved to add them to my menagerie, but hubby would have kittens!!!!


PaulaC said...

I think I already have homes for two of them, so do you think he would only have one kitten if you took the other two:))))

knitternicky said...

My son Max loves them, only problem is now he keeps asking me to go back to the baby rabbits. They are georgous though.

PaulaC said...

Sorry Max they are all spoken for now, and hopefully there should not be any more. But as soon as I can get some more pictures taken, I will post them just for you:)