Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Imagine if you can sitting back on a vibrating chair with your feet in a foot spa and the sun shining through the window. Not that I really like having my feet touched, but they really felt wonderful after all that attention, and the wonderful foot massage. 8 out of 10

Next comes the back, neck and shoulder massage. Just laying there enjoying the feeling of the knots loosening up and the tension draining away. It was so good I even picked up my knitting needles again:) 10 out of 10

Lastly the professional manicure. So well done that everyone is asking if they are my own nails or false. They are definatly my own:) another 10 out of 10.

The pedicure would have scored 10 too if I had been happier having my feet touched:)

Even better was the fact that there was a 10% discount on the price for booking more than one treatment. As I thought the original price was a bargain, with the discount added it seemed insanly cheap, and I left feeling like a million dollars:)

Will I be going back? You bet I will. And I will also be treating some friends to a session, they will make great birthday, or even thank you presents, different from a bunch of flowers.

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