Wednesday, 2 April 2008


My mind is as cluttered as my work room. It is difficult to start anything new when there are still so many projects waiting to be finished. Yesterday a customer in shop wanted some yarn to finish off a tapestry her late mother had started. It got me thinking, who is there to finish off my projects? They might find their way to a charity shop where some kind soul will take pity on them. Or more likely end up in the bin lonely and forgotten. Having finished all my orders, I want to try and clear the backlog. There are 3 knitting projects on the needles. 2 cross stitch and a rug making kit 1/2 finished. I am going to be very strong and take one of these to work instead of starting something new. But I know what will happen. Someone will come in and ask if I can make something for them. I want to start on a loopy jacket, something I have promised myself I will do for ages. There is still a sock knitting kit I want to attempt. Not to mention all the ideas floating round my head to do with the knitting machine. Can I resist the temptation of starting something new? Or can I do a craft "spring clean" and finish something I have already started?

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