Sunday, 27 April 2008

Rabbits and burnt toast

Last night I went to a quiz night. It was a lot of fun and our team came 3rd, however the evening was interupted when my friend phoned to say Treacle had had a go at her guinea pig. Well he was obviously recovered from his op. So told her to put him in my back yard and leave him. He is used to sleeping under my shed, so I knew he would not come to any harm.

This morning I went to feed them all and discovered 2 of the babies had escaped from their hutch. One I managed to catch, the other ran under the gate and through a fence before disappearing from sight. I thought that would be the last I would see of him. For the protection of the other babies, I transfered them into a smaller hutch and let Fudge out with Treacle again.

Treacle thought this was great, and promptly mounted poor Fudge. She kept running away, but he would not leave her alone. So he was popped back into the big hutch.
I decided to make some toast for lunch, and while it was under the grill went to check everything was all right. There in the big hutch with Treacle was the runaway. Tried very hard to catch him/her and put it into the small hutch with its siblings, but he was having none of it. So came in to call for reinforcements. Hit a wall of smoke as I opened the back door. The toast was a little on the overdone side. Eventually through the smog, I located the phone and called Liz. She came running and told me when they returned Treacle last night, the babies were out then and she and her husband had to round them up. OMG if only she had told me earlier I could have located the holes round the run and blocked them up before the next mass break out.

OK they are now all safe together again. Have tried to capture Fudge and put her in with babies, but she is having none of it. Will try again later. Till then I am wondering why on earth I thought rabbits were nice easy pets to deal with.

Added to which Fudge does seem to looking remarkably fat. NOOOOOOOOOO please say she is not pregnant again. No wonder they say breeding like rabbits.

Gave up idea of toast and made cheese sandwiches for lunch.

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Susan said...

All I could think of while I was reading about the mass breakout was the theme tune for The Great Escape. I hope you can manage to keep them contained.