Monday, 28 April 2008

Another mass breakout

After yesterdays interesting day, I really thought I had those rabbits contained. Oh no, they had other ideas. I opened the hutch this morning to feed them and it was empty. I really thought I had lost them all. Put some food down for Fudge and suddenly a little black nose appeared from under the hutch, then another, then a 3rd. They joined mum having breakfast while I tried to find number 4. He was hidden behind some wood, but they were all there.

I do not know what to do now. But maybe it would be best if I left them all out with Fudge and let them take their chances. I think she would protect them from cats etc. though whether she could stop them escaping from the garden is another matter. One thing is for sure, it will be nearly impossible to round them all up and get them back into the hutch again. And if they are only going to make another break for freedom, is it worth the time and energy doing so?

I will try and find all the small holes out of the garden and block them up. See if we can contain them that way. Roll on being able to get them to their new homes, and if there are any more I well leave them to Fudge to sort out. She did a pretty good job with this litter before I discovered them, so maybe she knows best.

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