Sunday, 20 April 2008

The way we were

The much missed railway.
The boating lake, now Valley Gardens. Crowds enjoying themselves on the beach.
My pampering session is booked for Tuesday and I can't wait:) It still seems like winter here, with cold winds and rain. So my ray of sunshine is a spring clean of myself. Although I may have done it the wrong way round. Today I am going to try on my Victorian costume for the Variety show we are putting on in June.

Yesterday we did a count up on the number of shops in Withernsea that are either sold or up for sale. They are not new enterprises, but established businesses, including 2 pubs and a supermarket. The face of our town is changing, and not for the better. A new police station is being built on our only car park, leaving less and less parking in the town. Already fewer people are visiting, and the effects can be seen as you look down our empty main street. There are still quite a few cars around, but they are passing through.

When I read how the town used to be when the railway was here, it makes me very sad. Old postcards show crowds of people on the prom, or enjoying the boating lake (now sadly no longer there). I wonder if the people responsible for the decline had any idea what it would do to this small seaside resort on the east coast.

Can anything be done to put us back on the map again? I do hope so. But I know that it will never be the same again.

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