Friday, 18 April 2008

Knitters block

Can you get knitters block, rather like writers block only with needles instead of a word processor? I keep handling the yarn, picking it up and turning it over. I have pinned "nearly" finished projects together, while moving it around the room. But actually picking up the needles and knitting something, seems an impossible mountain to climb.

It all started when I abandoned "the sock". So maybe the answer is to pick it up again and try and finish it. All I need is motivation. Now which shop sells motivation???

Of course part of the problem is not being sure what is going to happen to the shop. Though hopefully by next week I will have a clearer idea.

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Nutty Knitter said...

Knitter block is something I have had for ages. I wish I had the enthusiasm I used to have when the kids were little and I was knitting all the time, not just for them but for neighbours. I soon gave up knitting for the neighbours because they almost always wanted something changed from the finished garment, like the sleeves were too long (after saying nothing when I first tried the garment on them) or something like, could you change the arms to raglan instead of set in sleeves?Of course, mrs obliging here would go and rip back the garment just to comply with their wishes. I soon got wise to that though.
Now I have a nice wicker basked near the couch in the living room that my daughter gave me to put my hand knitting/crochet projects into (hah)its full of yarn etc, but where is the motivation? I should be raring to go what with a new grandson of only 4 months and another one on the way for September, shame on me what kind of grandmother am I? Two machines sitting idle, loads of patterns and yarn...