Thursday, 17 April 2008


Last nights rehearsals at our amature drama group were hilarious. Not many turned up due to the pouring rain, but those of us who braved the elements were in for a shock. We only have 8 more rehearsals till the performances. I don't think any of us know our lines yet, and reading our scripts will be unfair to the paying public - always supposing anyone turns and pays that is:)

The performance will consist of a short sketches and songs rather like a down market "Good Old Days", for anyone who remembers that. I will be doing (hopefully), a Victorian monologue called "Behind The Curtain". It seemed a good idea when I first mooted the idea, now I am wondering if I can carry it off. As no one else will know the script, they will not realise if I forget the words or change them. But I am playing a young Victorian widow, and no longer being in the first flush of youth will make it challenging.

I sold the green multi cardi yesterday in the shop. It was sad to see it go, but I still have the pictures to remind me. After all I can't just keep a box of all my knitting to pour over and its nice that someone liked it enough to actually pay for it:)


bunches of yarn said...

Hi Paula:

I've discovered you recently, from Susan's My knitting machines and me blog.
I'm sorry to hear that your shop is not buzzing with customers.
What can you offer your customers that they cannot get from the internet? A pleasant attitude--a big smile when they come in--a cup of coffee/tea--an area where they can come and 'fellowship' about knitting, "show-and-tell-Saturday" (or something like it)--a challange--a contest...
Easy for me to say since I'm not in your shoes. Those are the things that attact customers to our local yarn shops. I don't know much about yarn business, but I would rather go to a shop, and visit with the shop ladies, even if it costs more than the internet shops.
I would shop at your shop if I lived nearby, but I'm a people person--as they say.
Don't listen to gloomy people--they can change your cheery mood in 5 seconds--not worth it.

May your business increase to overflowing! ^__^

PaulaC said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I have tried really hard to attract new customers, and hope I am welcoming and approachable. Certainly my regulars are complimentary and happy. They will miss the shop when it goes, and I will miss it too, but it is not possible to keep it open without at least double the amount customers walking through the door and paying.:(