Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Work in progress

Well the highlights were a great success. But I not only had my hair coloured, I also had it cut shorter than I ever have. In fact when I got to line dancing yesterday, Sandra didn't recognise me:)

Hopefully today I can book for manicure and pedicure, not to mention the massage. I am definatly in the words of Brad Paisley, "A work in progress".

As "the family" invited themself round to dinner on Sunday, all my knitting plans were put on hold. But am determined to start using up some of those cones I inherited with the old machines. My first plan is to do some tension squares and try and work out what ply they are. Then hopefully I will have some idea what I am going to do with them. I purchased a knitting program off ebay and am hopeing that I can find a way of using a lot of them up without having too many bits left over.

Also on ebay, I managed to get another yarn tension arm for my machine. The new style that came with the machine has a moveable plastic nob for holding the yarn when not in use. This is a real pain as it moves everytime you touch it. So I was absolutly delighted that the ebay one is of the old sort with a metal piece welded to the arm.

I guess like most "new and improved" things, this one did not improve over the years.

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