Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday thoughts

Well making the cards was a good idea, I have sold more craft making stuff this weekend than I have for ages. It seems strange that they do far more card making than I do, but seem to lack ideas for new projects. If I get time I will have to make some more.

I have been unable to get hold of Victoria yet to book my pampering session, but I did book an appointment for tomorrow to have highlights put in my hair. Something I used to have done regularly, but have not done since coming north. I am fed up with the grey. Luckily the shop next door to mine is a hairdresser, and Julie has been cutting and blow drying my hair since she arrived. Why does it take so long to find a hairdresser that you can trust to do what you want? I think I have tried nearly all the hairdressers in Withernsea till I found Julie.

Started the ordered white cardigan yesterday, but progress is slow. I hope that this project may get me back knitting properly again. One thing I will be doing more of is machine knitting as a lady I met at drama group is going to get a knitting machine after a break of a few years. Sandra is nervous that she may have forgotten all she knew -she won't have, but its an excuse for us to get together and pick each others brains:) Not to mention drinking endless cups of tea and chatting.

We may have to get together and start a machine knitting group locally, I know of several customers who have knitting machines, but don't use them. If we all get together and pool resources and knowledge it will make them pull their machines from under the bed or in the garage and start using them again.

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