Friday, 11 April 2008


Yesterday a young lady came in the shop handing out leaflets to advertise her new venture, health and beauty. Out of politeness, I took a leaflet and looked through it. Some quick calculations and I discovered I could have a manicure, pedicure and neck and shoulder massage for £50. Two hours pampering and then coming out looking and feeling great. Should I do it? Yes of course I should, we all deserve a little pamparing some times. The only problem seems to be she has the same day off as I do. So will have to find someone willing to take over shop for day, then I will book myself a day of luxury:)

For some reason I am finding it difficult getting any knitting done. I think I have too many unfinished projects. But I have another order for a baby's cardi, so I know I will have to work on that this weekend. Babies tend to grow quickly so finishing their items quickly is important.

One thing I have done is a couple of cards. I am not an expert at this, but have some die cut decouparge in the shop and its lovely. I thought I would make a few cards to show how wonderful it is. Not that I usually use the die cut as I prefer cutting them out myself, but a lot of people do if they are just starting out or have difficulty cutting.

I am quite pleased with the boat one, and that will be the birthday card for a friend of mine - after it has been displayed in the shop of course:)

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