Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Yesterday my Stylecraft rep came to see me. Les is very good at keeping me up to date with new yarns, patterns etc. He is also exceptional in that he is the only rep who visits me. Others have phoned and told me quite bluntly that I am "too far away", "out in the sticks" or they simply cannot be bothered. No wonder that the greatest majority of my stock is Stylecraft. Like most knitters, I love to see and feel the yarn. And the chance to see them knitted up helps make my decision about whether it will see or not. Les showed me my sales figures over the last year, I was amazed at how much I had bought. OK so other companies don't want to come out here, its their lose. I would love to try out some of the other ranges, but with minimum spend so high and no chance to see the yarns before purchase, I cannot.

Thanks Les for your continuing support and help, and I hope you enjoyed your fish and chips:)

Tonight my "granddaughter" is staying. She has a show to perform in Grimsby. As she has to be at school by 7.30 am tomorrow, I am close enough to get her there, and also the only person her Mum thinks will get up early enough to get her there:)

I do get up early, but have never used an alarm clock. So now I am worried it may be the only day I oversleep. Last night I tried out the alarm feature on my mobile - wow it works:) So just to be sure I will set it tonight again to make sure she gets there in time.

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