Saturday, 3 May 2008

The trials of moving

Having major panic at thought to moving stock to new shop. the space is so much smaller and I know a lot of stock will have to come here. Have checked with estate agent, and the 2 glass fronted counters are mine, thank goodness I will certainly need them. But they are big and heavy, so moving them is going to be difficult. I know a man with a van who helped me move in here. So will go and speak nicely to him later.

A friend is going to make me some units to put the yarn in. We just need to measure up and see how many I will need.

All this at the time when sun is shining and move customers are coming into shop. I have provisional leaving date as the 24th, still to be confirmed by the estate agents, who apparently have not even been in touch with the landlord yet and given him my notice. I know the next 3 weeks will slip by in a flash, though friends have been rallying round offering help. But its still going to be difficult trying to keep the shop going and preparing for moving at the same time.

What seemed like a good idea is becoming a bit of a nightmare, but I am sure it will all turn out for the best. If nothing else I will have a lovely view of the sea and company through the long periods when no one comes in.

I don't have time for a nervous breakdown yet. So its good news that someone is coming for the baby rabbits this afternoon. Unfortunatly one has been taken by a cat for lunch, and as I cannot guarentee their safety, they no longer stay within the protection of their parents, it seems best that they are rehomed as soon as possible. One less thing to worry about.


bunches of yarn said...

You are probably moving, let us see your new store as soon as you are able. I'm praying for you that all will go well, and in order.
Be strong and of good courage. ^__^

Nutty Knitter said...

Good luck on the moving!It's an exciting time for you.