Saturday, 31 May 2008

Words and pictures

The first cast. A week later it was changed for a
lighter weight one. Still heavy though.
The last knitting I did before breaking arm.
Moving from old shop meant load of stock had to come home.
I could not find the computer.
Piles of yarn and not able to knit :(
The new shop is smaller and the stockroom is still being cleared, so a bit of a logistical nightmare at the moment.
It has been a terrible week in shop. The takings for the last 7 days not equalling a days takings from 2 weeks ago. It can only get better.


knitternicky said...

Glad to see you've updated your post and that the move went ahead. I hope you will find things easier after your cast comes off. Nicky

bunches of yarn said...

Yaaaayyy! you're back!
Good to see you again.

P.S. Give people time to find you.