Tuesday, 1 July 2008

laptop at work

Whoopee, I have my laptop at work and am online there. When customers are thin on the ground I will be able to keep up on here. Though the sun is shining and a few more people have been in buying today, so cannot complain.

As I am actually listing some dmc yarns, I really should not be in here. But as I am online I might as well update this:)

Yesterday was my final check up at the hospital. I did manage to get a physio appointment last week, and the general opinion is that I will probably not get much more movement in my arm. Though they do promise that the pain will go in time.

I had lent my car to a friend who had hers stolen. After all I could not drive. She now has a new car and this weekend she returned mine. So this morning I drove to work, which meant I could bring down some more stock and my laptop. Not that I live too far away, a 10 minute walk, but I am still limited by how much I can carry. Last week a friend and I shelved out the stock room, which means I am gradually getting my home back again.

Maybe soon I can back into some real knitting. Hand and machine. For the moment I am working on a baby blanket.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

you're making progress and that is good news!

bunches of yarn said...

Little by little you are getting 'all things back to normal'
Glad that your customers are finding you.
Come back more often, now that you are on-line at the shop.
Blessings ^__^