Friday, 20 June 2008

Not knowing whether coming or going

Its been a while since I updated this, and I apologise to my friends who may wonder where I am.

Between relocating the shop, my broken arm and the Withernsea Entertainers production, I do not know whether I am coming or going.

Slowly my customers are discovering where I am hidden - in Trixters, a joke and fancy dress shop - and gradually stock is going from my home to the shop. One day I may find my computer again - this is being done on my laptop. I have added some cross stitch kits this week, and sold one this morning:)

Although out of plaster, my arm is still incredibly painful and feels nearly useless. On Tuesday I had letter asking me to ring our local hospital for appointment at physio. It requested that I rang Tuesday between 9 and 1 which I duely did. Only to have the answerphone inform me that the department is only open Tuesday morning and Wednesday. I left a message with my phone number. On Wednesday I phoned again, same answerphone message - I again left message with my home phone and mobile. As the letter informed me that if I had not been in touch within 2 weeks they would assume I did not want an appointment.

By now my wrist was very painful and swollen and a friend advised me to go to doctors in case that had been broken too. They did not xray my wrist originally as they were concentrating on my elbow. The doctor took one look at it and sent me for another xray. He doesn't think its broken, but the bones are very thin - now need a bone density scan. While in the hospital I mentioned about the impossible to get physio appointment. Sorry said the receptionist, nothing to do with us, and no one was in the department.Our wonderful NHS.

Today I received an appointment from another hospital for next week. I am very tempted to be sarcastic here, but will just be grateful that I at last have a date.

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susetheslowknitta said...

sorry to hear that you had such a frustrating time with the NHS.