Sunday, 26 October 2008

5 days and counting

What a nightmare. I have 5 days till I close the shop for good, and very mixed feelings. Regular customers are coming in and stocking up with wool and accessories and my takings are quite healthy for this time of year. They are all telling me how they will miss me, but understand why I cannot go on.
  • As the yarn is depleting at at a steady rate I know I will not be stuck with too much at home. Another wool shop is buying my fixtures and fittings and any wool left at the end of the week. Though I know that I will literally be left with 100's of patterns, knitting needles and enough haberdashery to take over at least one room here. That is not including the mass of card making stuff still cluttering up my living room. Looks like I will have to do some ebaying even though that particular market place is pretty saturated.
  • On a move positive note. I have a job lined up. Care in the community, going to peoples homes and helping them wash etc. I can choose my hours and days, so should still have plenty of spare time to catch up on things around here. An added bonus being there will be a wage packet at the end of each month:) Now that will be a novelty.
  • Something quite distressing happpened yesterday. I saw a lady fall in the place where I broke my arm. She hurt her knee but was able to hobble away. A young girl also fell at the same spot, and a friend tells me that an elderly lady came a cropper there.
  • That bit of broken pavement is not really any worse that most of the roads and pavements in Withernsea, but does seem to cause a good few accidents. I did not sue because I wanted the council to have the money for repairing them. Although when I asked a town councillor about it, she said that there is a pot of money kept for people who sue, but not enough to repair all the roads. To me this seems terrible. Why should people have to go through so much pain and inconvience for the sake of broken concrete.
  • Now my friends are asking me to reconsider suing them. Its not a case of the money for me, my arm although still painful and weaker than it was, has healed well. But I will feel incredibly guilty if an old person breaks a hip or worse. So I am having to reconsider my stand and go against my principles and I do not like it one bit.

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Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

Its a shame about the shop but I hope the new job goes well!