Wednesday, 29 October 2008

2 more days

2 more days and my life will change considerbly. Feeling quite happy at the moment that I will not be stuck in cold shop for another winter. But I will miss my customers, many of whom have become good friends - so I will not lose touch with them all.

My current knitting project is yet another leafy pram blanket for a friends daughter. Her baby is due in 2 weeks and I have knitted the 48 squares and started on the border - unfortunatly I still have the sewing up to do. Its very strange, the first one I knitted was done in no time. The 2nd took a bit longer - this 1 seems to be taking forever:(

I can't wait to get back on my knitting machine again and have several projects in mind. My poor machine has been sadly negleted this last few months and is sulking. So I am setting myself a deadline to unbury it - Christmas. Of course I will still have a lot of excess shop stock here that needs sorting first. But I can dream.

Today is the "sons" 40th birthday. When I have scrapped the ice off the car, I will go out and give him his present. And maybe tease him a bit about getting old. Though mostly its an excuse to go and watch Garys Thomas the Tank Engine videos:)


bunches of yarn said...

Hi Paula:
It seems that your new job will be time consuming. I hope you will have time to do your knitting, and that all your ideas find their way to your productive needles.
Would you consider posting a picture of your 'stash' I always like seeing how knitters arrange their yarns.

sarah said...

By now you will have finished in the shop and your new life will have begun.
I hope your new job goes well, it is such a worthwhile thing to do. We rely on carers to look after the day to day needs of my Father-in-law who lives 45 mins away. Without them we would be really stuck.
I just hope you will have time for your knitting.