Friday, 21 November 2008


Well things are not going quite as I expected. I am still sorting stock all over the house, and have not started the new job yet. Which is a bit of a relief as I still have customers coming to my home to buy wool etc.
  • It seems that the lady who interviewed me has left, and chaos is rife. So I am leaving them to sort it all out and concentrating on trying to reclaim my home.
  • The trouble is that as soon as I make a clear space, another of Garys toys moves in. OK its my own fault for buying so many. But I have been on babysitting duty lately, and he needs a lot of things to play with. As its his 3rd birthday next month, I have been asked if I can make him a Thomas the Tank Engine cake. I used to make rather a lot of novelty cakes, but am not only out of pratice, but no longer have all my cake tins. I did make a Gromit cake for my friends 60th birthday last year, however Thomas could be slightly more complicated.

Maybe I should just knit one instead.

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