Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Well here it is 2009, and what a year last year proved to be. It was the year I finally called it a day on the shop. Funnily enough I really thought I would miss it more than I do. But life is still full and interesting, and more varied.

Firstly I tried my hand at care in the community. In three days I covered 200 miles with a few 1/2 hour appointments slotted in. Not long enough to really be of any help to the poor people I was supposed to be helping. There was no allowance for travelling time, so you were constantly late and apologising. When I complained about this, I was told social services only allowed that amount of time per person. Not good enough. The concept of care in the community is a good idea, but in practise it is muddled and not very good. I am afraid I gave it up. But another job fell into my lap instantly. I am now working in a care home for learning disabled adults. This is amazing as you spend so much time with them, and can really give them a good quality of life and support.

Now I feel useful and needed.

Up until now I have not celebrated Christmas since coming north. This year was different. I went to a friends for the day, helped her prepare the meal and had a wonderful time. New year was another date that passed me by previously. Last night I accepted an invitation to a friends party and had a ball. We all trooped down to Valley Gardens just before midnight with bottles of champagne and party poppers. Then watched the fireworks set off on the beach. I really wish I had taken my camera, but I have the memories in my head. Who knows we may do the same next year, and I will try and get some pictures then.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

I'm so glad that life is so much more positive for you now. You have so much to give, and if you are working with special needs people, then your warm heart and cheery nature will be appreciated!

paulac said...

Thank you Suse:)