Sunday, 6 December 2009

Bits and pieces

The end of another busy week, but at last the project is off the ground and I can divulge the details. A friend who used to have the shop next to mine phoned with an idea she had had. I promised to keep quiet until it was all in place. Tess has been missing the interaction with customers since she closed her shop, and I know exactly what she means. She wanted to reopen in another location but did not have enough stock left, she asked if I could put mine in there too. What a stupendous idea, I would regain my house and get some money too. Writing up stock lists and sorting everything has been a bit of a nightmare, but the shop opened yesterday and we had a good day. It has been a bit of a rush as we wanted to catch some christmas shoppers and with only 3 weeks to go we had to work fast.

While in Tescos yesterday I ran into one of my residents from work. He was so delighted to see me, and I gave him a lift back to the home. The welcome I got from the rest of the residents was overwhelming, I have missed them as much as they have missed me. Its weird only going to work twice a month and then sleeping on the job:) But the card making sessions I set up are still going strong and I have received several cards from them thanking me. David asked if I would be at his birthday party on the 22nd. I have not missed one of their birthdays yet, and I will certainly be there for his.

A bump on the head a few months ago led to me having a CAT scan. This showed up something that should not have been there. The neurologist said that I had had a stroke. Not the sort of thing you want to hear. It also showed that my neck bones are very badly wearing away, and I have an appointment for an MIR scan tomorrow morning. Though I know my options are limited as an operation can lead to paralysis, so stronger painkillers may be the only answer.

This week is Garys 4th birthday, I can't believe he is growing up so fast. He wants father christmas to bring him a fishing rod so he can go fishing with Daddy. When I asked him if he would catch a fish for my tea he said, "Of course I will", and he sounded so grown up. He will be here later today and he usually asks to stay which I love. It gives Mum and Dad a break too. We walk into town on the beach and go to a cafe for lunch before heading for the play park. At the moment it is pouring with rain and I can hear the sea crashing on the rocks so a walk on the beach may be out. Luckily I have bought him some new books, and I know when he sees them he will grab my hand and lead me to the sofa and beg me to read to him. And of course I will.:)

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