Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A little bit of everything

The only trouble with knitting is all the sewing up to be done. I tend to work several items then have a mega sewing up session. Last night I finished the last of the residents christmas presents and sat and sewed them all up. A very satisfying exercise.
Speaking of exercise, I have been helping a friend clear out her garage and discovered an exercise bike languishing there. Take it to the tip she says. Which I probably should have done. Instead I brought it home and cleaned it up. Only problem being it is incredibly heavy and took 2 of us to get it in here. We then rather foolishly placed it in front of the knitting machine. As soon as I can make a space for it elsewhere, I will move it. For now my knitting will be conducted on 2 needles rather than 200.
For some reason or other a friend dashed in one day last week and grabbed my camera before disappearing out the door again. When I downloaded my pictures today I discovered why. I do vaguely remember him saying something about how pretty my car windows looked all frosted up, though I was very pleased I did not have to venture out that day. Or I could have spent some time clearing the windscreen.


bunches of yarn said...

Good to see you Paula. Until you move your bike, you could be making i-cord (LOL)
Going out in the ice is not fun. We've had our temps in the 'teens'(F) with plenty of ice. All the snow went north of us, just by a few miles. Still got about 2 inches. Wind chills around -25F Brrrrr! ^__^

PaulaC said...

Oh no, I hate snow:) It has stopped raining here now and we have been getting some colder weather, so suspect we will have more frozen windscreens soon.