Sunday, 20 December 2009

Bras for swimming

Where did that come from? Its ok that is a rhetorical question.

I have survived a night at work, though I did spend most of yesterday sleeping. I am so pleased it was a one off, as I do not think I could go back to doing this regularly. My bodyclock thinks the dark hours are for sleeping and the light hours for being up and doing. And my mind agrees.

It was good to have my aqua lesson in the morning which made me tired enough to have a couple of hours sleep before work. I am so pleased that I am still managing to do 3 lessons a week, even if sometimes its hard to get there. But I would not have missed Fridays for the world. Our instructor, Fiona, has been banging on about us wearing sports bras in the pool. As she says its still exercise and we should still protect our bodies. One of the ladies suggested we all wore our bras on top of our swimming costumes, nearly every bra was white while our costumes are black or dark blue. So you can imagine the sight of 25 ladies of a certain age getting into the pool with our undergarments on top of our swim wear. Fiona took one look at us and burst into laughter. Our lessons are always fun, if hard work. But Fridays lesson was even more so, especially when Fiona removed her own bra and put it on top of her t shirt. Although it was fun, Fiona had made a serious point. Who would have thought that you had to wear a bra in the pool. I have just brought myself a black sports bra and will be wearing it at all the classes - though it will remain firmly under my costume in future.

As the snow means I will not be going anywhere today, I think I will see if I can get some knitting done. I am so close to finishing the hand knit cardi made from some of my stash, and it will be so cosy in this weather. I really must dust off my needles and crack on.

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