Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I sound like Scrooge

Every year I promise myself I will organise myself for christmas. After all it falls on the same day each year, so there really is no excuse. Well there is one big excuse and thats that I do not like christmas. So writing cards and wrapping presents is a chore. Something that I put off till the last minute and try to ignore it happening. But much as I try, everything conspires against this. TV ads, magazines and shops seem to have only one thing on their minds.

I remember when I was small and christmas was a big deal. Not because of the big fancy presents, there were none. But we did look forward to our new red dressing gowns, a new book and a tangerine. It was more the feeling of christmas. The goodwill it generated and the smiling faces. Walk round town now and you see scowls and stressed people doing something they really do not want to do. You hear comments about being glad when it is all over. A sentiment I endorse wholeheartedly.

I am not a scrooge. I love treating my friends especially the children. And therein lies the problem. We buy them presents all year long. Come christmas and birthdays there is nothing left to buy them. But we go out and buy the latest toy or gadget which will be cast aside on Boxing Day. The specialness of christmas has disappeared. Some schools have stopped doing Nativity plays as it is not a part of their multi cultral ethos.

The papers report there has been a resurgence in people buying religous cards for christmas, as we start to remember the true meaning of christmas. Its a small thing, but maybe its the start of something bigger. Maybe we will once again start to celebrate with simple things, and leave behind the large presents, wrapping paper and tinsel and once again make christmas a real special time.

Oh well I guess I had better go and get dressed and post my christmas cards. I may not enjoy it, but like many others I still feel the need to buy into the commercialism, and will try to do it with good grace. But oh I will be so pleased when it is all over for another year........

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